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About Us

happy grandmaWho we are

Gohewec Healthcare Providers Connect is dedicated to the provision of quality care solutions and services to the physically and health challenged members of our communities. It is our duty to offer superior nursing care and therapy services in the safe, comfortable, and familiar environment that is the home. We seek to alleviate pain and suffering brought about by the symptoms of chronic illness, render exceptional quality home care services, and deliver all-around genuine care that greatly improves the quality of life of our clients as well as their families. This is how we give back to the community and raise awareness to further advance our cause of helping the sick, disabled, and elderly.

Our Caregivers

We have a dedicated and highly trained team of professionals and paraprofessionals who are all experts in their field of home health care. They have all gone through extensive background checks and screenings to ensure the absence of any criminal record which may potentially compromise the safety of our patients and their loved ones at home. Our caregivers are constantly looking to improve their skills by learning about the latest and most innovative methods of care provision. They are regularly required to attend seminars and training sessions that will fully equip them with the capabilities of an excellent care provider.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of nursing care and therapy services to our clients and their families at home. We have an enduring dedication to help the elders and the chronically ill children of our communities live lives that are not dictated by their health condition. We aim to deliver services that are in conformity with the law and are rendered in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and personal conduct with the fullest intention of preserving dignity, independence, and happiness.

For questions and inquiries regarding our agency and what we stand for, you may get in touch with us at your preferred time. Call us at 973-736-8990 or send an email to